TASKI IntelliPower

Introducing Lithium Ion batteries for TASKI scrubber driers. Your peace of mind, best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership option

TASKI IntelliPower delivers peace of mind

TASKI IntelliPower allows you to focus on the things that really matter , no more worrying about batteries! Opportunity charging means the batteries won’t be harmed by stopping the charging process for a quick spot of cleaning. In fact, the machine will always be ready when it is needed.

TASKI IntelliTrail. Knowing today, ready for tomorrow

Intelligent Fleet tracking solution

TASKI IntelliTrail is a web based application that allow you to locate, monitor and manage your machine fleet.


TASKI IntelliDose™. Smarter Dosing.

Dilution Control System

Our proprietary, IntelliDose system calculates and delivers the optimal amount of chemical for any task or floor type, ensuring superior cleaning while controlling and reducing chemical consumption. The disposable pouches can be swapped out effortlessly, improving safety and ease of use.

TASKI IntelliFlow™. Precision Matters.

Application Control System

The patented TASKI IntelliFlow™ delivers the proper amount of cleaning solution and water onto the floor according to the speed of the machine. As the operator slows down, the advanced system adjusts in real time to use less solution—substantially decreasing water consumption, reducing time-consuming tank fills, and lowering costs.

TASKI Intelligent Solutions


Comfort and convenience are built into every TASKI by Diversey machine—always with the operator in mind.

  • Easy to operate and maneuver
  • Ergonomic design increases employee productivity and reduces fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders, including “white-finger” syndrome

Engineering Innovations

No one knows floor care needs like Diversey. Our innovation efforts are aimed at delivering solutions that not only solve our customers’ most pressing problems but balance cleaning and sanitation with process, water, energy and labor optimization.

  • Patented squeegee systems ensure a near perfect edge to edge water pick up that allows the machines to be used any time of day
  • Battery management technology increases battery life and prevents deep discharge, extending battery life

Innovation & Sustainability

From day one, Diversey has delivered the most innovative and sustainable cleaning solutions in the industry, leading the world toward a cleaner, healthier future. Some of our innovations include:


IntelliDose™ for TASKI swingo scrubber driers

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